Engine & Balsamico Design

The Company

Based on advanced fluid mechanics, Engine & Balsamico Design is currently developing products to market maturity in three synergetically related areas: atomisation, combustion and fluidic process engineering (integration and separation). In addition, complete solutions are also offered as part of an extended engineering service, especially in the area of complex special plant engineering.

Currently, our focus is on development and innovation. Going forward, other areas of the value chain will be explored in detail together with respective partners.

The potential for optimising fluid dynamic components is significantly higher than is generally assumed. This discipline is currently being worked on in a somewhat one sided way with primarily simulative and numerical methods. This seems to be less target-oriented than the approach chosen by Engine & Balsamico Design: the observation of natural flow processes, the empiricism based on this and finally, implementation into a prototype.


Robert Staudacher


is a Master of Science (Univ.) in Power Plant Engineering and a qualified Master Craftsman in Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning Technology (company number HWK Munich: 7156889).  Robert is the contact person for customers, suppliers and interested parties in the start-up.

Markus Lang

Physical basics

studied linguistics (M.A.) and bioinformatics and works as a craftsman and project manager in the renovation of old buildings. Markus supports the team in the handling of unusual problems and also provides strategic advice.

Hans Ittlinger

Buyer & Production Manager
has several years of experience as a purchasing manager in various industries in R&D and production. Hans is also Managing Director of DAXITT GmbH, the manufacturing partner of Engine & Balsamico Design. He is currently spearheading the production of a mobile flushing and degassing unit for closed water-bearing systems.

Alexander Kiermayer


is a Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering. Alexander is responsible for complete control and electrical engineering in the start-up.

Simon Daxlberger

Electrical Engineering
is a state-certified electrical engineer and, in addition to designing the automation technology, it is Simon’s responsibility to ensure the safety and reliability of the prototypes and products in accordance with applicable technical regulations. Simon is also Managing Director of DAXITT GmbH.

Georg König

Precision Mechanics

is a Precision Mechanics Technician and builds complex turned and milled parts ‘on demand’ for the team to ensure smooth processes in research and development.